What we do

With a strong provenance from the commercial interior fit out industry, we aim at delivering the full cycle of activities that are involved from the moment an empty building shell is available to the moment a Client takes occupation. This range of activities can be very varied, including developing or adapting products, appointing manufacturing partners or new suppliers, undertaking the contractual relationship with a Main Contractor or Client, and managing the delivery and installation process to final hand over. After occupation when the project team has moved to new projects, Spiralis is committed to service the completed installation and implement changes as and when Facility Managers require alterations to layout or specifications.

Feasibility and budget analysis

Analyse project design intent and research the best available solutions. On occasion new components or systems are developed in order to maximise design and economic parameters.

Design coordination

The importance of detailing is recognised at every stage of the project definition, with particular emphasis given to coordinating with other works in order to achieve a uniform and integrated approach to make each project unique.

Product development

Market forces or project specific requirements drive us in our active product development effort. This could involve either using a range of current materials, or new materials aimed at delivering a sustainable product for incorporating in the project.


A study of the detailing needed to work with different materials for customising the project design or enhancing product characteristics.

Planning and scheduling

All aspects of project deliverables are analysed and a detailed programme is drawn up for both supply items and logistic requirements. Any critical items are identified, then eliminated or resolved, so timely instructions can be issued to manufacturers and service partners.

Specialized manufacturing partners

We have partnering agreements with leading specialist manufacturers who cover production from small runs to large quantities ensuring consistency of quality standards.

Supply and fix contracts

We aim to deliver the complete process from product inception to site installation, guaranteeing that the Client’s expectations are met at every stage and the final product is handed over in the best possible condition. We will engage with designers, principal contractors and clients in order to undertake all the associated contractual provisions.

Moves and changes

Once a building is occupied its use evolves. This evolution leads to modifications in office layouts driven principally by changes in working practices, which result in product dismantling and rebuild, top up product orders and off-site stock management. These changes are organised by the Facility Manager and we support them with a dedicated team who will plan and execute these and associated works, which are then installed mostly out of office hours to suit the Client’s business.

Maintenance contracts

Any internal environment is subject to wear and tear. We aim to maintain the level of detailing, finishing and performance of the original installation by agreeing, establishing and implementing a maintenance regime for the Client so that their internal environment always looks good.