Debevoise & Plimpton

Location The City, London

Description Single glazed partition
office fronts with Olive ash flush
joinery door-sets

Architect Gensler

This client opted for a traditional plasterboard office cross wall with a singled glazed office front and perpendicular glass
connecting nib. The architectural interest was introduced using a stepped glazed office front achieved by recessing the door line 100mm back from the glass front. In addition colour was introduced into a number of the glazed fins connecting the fronts to the cross walls.
All detailing had to achieve clean, minimal junctions. Floor track was kept to a small U section with the live load deflection being taken up in an 80mm steel dark grey head track. The head track was supplied in Z and T modules to accommodate the stepped design. The architect wanted a fully flush joinery door set both from the corridor side and the office side, most typically seen in a double door set which provides the Project’s main visual impact.

The veneer was unusual and was found from an Italian supplier whilst we simultaneously worked up a design for the flush doors in collaboration with one of our Artisan joiners. A new small pivot hinge was also designed and fabricated with a traditional and reliable metal workshop.
Finally an aluminium bead was designed and extruded to be used vertically on the outside corner junction of the office glazing. This provided both protection against impact to the otherwise exposed glazed junction, and also a clean detail appreciated by the Architect.