With the aim of meeting LEED, BREEAM and other regional environmental standards, Spiralis has adopted a flexible procurement strategy to encourage the use of locally produced parts and therefore limit the amount of fittings originating from its own manufacture or from more remote dedicated manufacturing partners.

In general terms Spiralis will propose the use of completely recyclable components and total or part recycled post-consumer materials.

Additional attention is paid to site operations and spare or redundant components will be recovered and separated into their main materials for easy forwarding to local recycling plants.

The selection of global or local manufacturing partners will ensure strict compliance with ISO 14001 Standards and preference will be given to Companies with their own renewable energy sources or strong environmental policies.

Comparison of main environmental criteria of Breeam V. Leed
Date of introduction 1990 1998
Relevant schemes available Offices New Construction
Retail Exisiting Bulding
Industrial Commercial
Others Interiors
Categories Management Sustainable sites
Health and well being Water efficiency
Energy Energy and atmosphere
Tranport Materials and resources
Materials Indoor environmental quality
Waste Innovation and design
Assesment Trained assessor US-GBC
Certification BRE US-GBC
Auditing Indipendent Not required
Benchmarking UK standards US Standards